Different Times Equestrian Ventures is a multi-discipline lesson, training & sales facility based in Saratoga Springs, NY. With clients ranging in age from young school age children to mature adults, & with goals varying from pleasure & trail riding to competing on the A show circuit, we strive for a high level of horsemanship for all of our clients through education, & work towards building relationships between horse & rider based on mutual trust & respect. Whether riding for fun or for show, it is our belief that good, solid basic riding & training skills are the building blocks that a confident horse & rider are built on.

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***Please note, we do NOT offer trail rides***


Ship ins are welcome to use the facilities at Hidden Spring Ranch at any time during the year, not just to use the indoor over the winter! $10 per head, and ride times must be scheduled in advance by emailing, calling or texting Jen: [email protected]                 518-879-9057


3/22 TCRA at Winter Glen

4/10 Eric Horgan Clinic @ Larkin Hill

4/11-12 Ken Whelihan Clinic @ JHA

4/19 TCRA at Skidmore

4/26 North Country Horses Schooling Show  

        Or TCRA at Winter Glen

5/3 TCRA at Ridge Brook @ White Hollow

Or Larkin Hill Dressage & Combined Training

5/17 Stockade Combined Training

        Or LKTA Hunter Pace

6/6 Locust Hill Hunter Pace

6/7 North Country Horses Schooling Show

       Or TCRA at Stockade

6/14 TCRA at Winter Glen

6/20 Hitching Post Schooling Trial

6/27-28 TCRA at Dutch Manor

6/28 Larkin Hill Dressage/CT/Derby Cross Schooling Show

7/10-12 OK Corral Clinic w/ Dr. Heide Burch

7/19 TCRA at Winter Glen

7/25 Hitching Post Schooling Trial

7/26 North Country Schooling Show

        Or TCRA at Ridge Brook

8/? Stockade Dressage

8/13-16 Stockade/CDHJA Annual Show

8/22 Hitching Post Schooling Trial

8/23 North Country Horses Schooling Show

9/? Stockade Combined Training

9/5-6 Ken Whelihan Clinic @ JHA

9/13 TCRA at Ridge Brook

       Or TCRA at Stockade

9/20 TCRA at Skidmore

9/27 North Country Horses Schooling Show

10/11 Hitching Post Schooling Trial

10/18 LKTA Fall Hunter Pace

10/23 NCH Awards Dinner

11/1 Locust Hill Fall Hunter Pace

11/12-15 Equine Affaire

More Events Will Be Added As They Are Scheduled!

Different Times Equestrian Ventures is now a DAC dealer, offering a full line of equine and livestock supplements. Check out www.feeddac.com, find us on facebook at DAC of Saratoga at Different Times Equestrian Ventures, or call Jen at 518-879-9057 for more information and pricing.

Different Times Equestrian Ventures


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